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McGoo's Award Winning Spitroast Menu

Award Winning Menu Meat Selection

Spitroasted Beef, Lamb or Crackling Pork  -  Choose 2 Meats    

Optional extra $2pp  - Turkey or Ham(with Beef, Pork or Lamb)

McGoo′s Award Winning Salad and Hot Vegetable Selection.  Choose 5 Salads or 4 Hot Vegetables (or combination) 

German Potato - A chunky combination of pontiac potatoes with chives and onion in a creamy dressing

Greek Salad - An authentic blend of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, capsicum and fetta cheese in a light vinaigrette dressing.  One of our most popular salads

Tossed Salad -  A light refreshing mix of  lettuce types, cucumber, tomatoes and capsicum with a light Italian dressing

Mixed Vegetable Salad - A combination of pasta, broccoli, snow peas, capsicum, zucchini, cherry tomatoes & snow pea shoots with a light dressing.

Traditional Coleslaw - An Australian favourite 

Creamy Pasta Salad - Spiral pasta with fresh vegetables in a creamy mayonnaise.

Savoury Rice - Popular Asian style giving an oriental flavour.

Carrot & Coconut Salad -  Light & tasty, grated carrots, sultanas & coconut.

McGoo′s Hot Vegetables  

Served piping hot, great on those cold winter nights. 

Steamed Chat Potatoes with Sour Cream

Carrots, Beans and Corn Medley.

Creamy Pumpkin.

Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce.

Hot Pasta Varieties with Mozarella Cheese

Mixed Vegetable Rice


What's included?

Dinner Rolls, Continental Gravy and Condiments

Plates (7inch Ceramic ) & Stainless Steel Cutlery

Uniformed Staff (Red polo shirt)

Staff to cook, serve and clean up.

Tables with Tablecloths for serving

If you choose hot vegetables access to a cooktop is appreciated or we can bring our own equipment at a charge of $150


30 -39      $ 26.95 pp  

40- 69      $ 25.95 pp 

70-99       $24.95 pp  
100-150    $23.95pp

150+ Please Call 1800 677 039 for a quote

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