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McGoo's Budget Spitroast Menu

Spitroasted Beef and Crackling Pork

(Lamb with Beef or Pork $2 extra pp.)

Served with these traditional favourite salads or hot vegetables Choose 4 salads or 4 hot vegetables (or combination)

Potato Salad

New York Coleslaw  

Creamy Pasta Salad  

Tossed Salad  

Vegetable Rice Salad

Hot Vegetables

   Steamed Chat Potatoes with Sour Cream

   Carrots, Beans & Corn Medley

   Creamy Pumpkin

   Cauliflower Cheese

    Mixed Vegetable Rice   

    Hot Pasta with Mozarella Cheese

Served with Dinner Rolls, Gravy & Condiments


What's included?

Quality disposable plates, cutlery and serviettes 

Staff to serve and clean up. Meat is carved directly from the spit with hot vegetables/salads served buffet style

Serving table with tablecloth

If selecting hot vegetables access to a cooktop is appreciated or we can bring our own equipment for an additional charge of $150


40-69 -   $ 19.95pp       

70-99     $ 18.95pp

100 +    $ 17.95pp

150+  Please Call 1800 677 039 for a quote 

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